We will, we will “frock” you!!

The sheer variety of frock dresses leaves you wishing for four more pair of eyes.

The 1960’s charm is back with a touch of contemporary style. Turn into a glam doll like Sienna Miller or morph the Scarlett Johansson look and catch the roving eyes of men with the frock dresses this season. From high end boutiques to the pocket friendly Janpath or Fashion Street, you won’t miss them. These dresses can be found in a splash of colours.  From the colourful bohemian dresses by Isabel Marant to the vintage “pioneer” look by Ralph Lauren. . Delve into the modern and minimalist Calvin Klein, as the frock dress is the hottest trend this season.

Bid adieu to the denims and switch to the summer frocks. . With tribal and floral prints to pep them up they are ruling the market almost everywhere. From plunging necklines to collars, from empire lines to halters, spaghetti straps and off shoulder, it caters to all kinds of tastes and preferences.

Let your imagination lose, when it comes to accessorizing these summer frocks. A chunky neck piece, a pair of peep toes and a jute or cotton bag will complete the bubbly college girl look while a pair of 6 inch stilettoes with a bling neck piece, a stylish belt and a clutch will leave the boys asking for more.

If you don’t own one of these frock dresses then what are you waiting for, Christmas?

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