An Apple or a Pear

How do we decide what fruit do we actually apple or a pear?

The hours dwindle to obscurity. The image in the mirror seems to slowly fade away, but we are still left standing at the crossroads waiting for a guide to lead us forth. The internet has seeped into all the corners of the world providing us with information all too fast and slow at the same time. There are countless number of flashy websites informing us about the different body types but has anybody actually sat down to think how do we actually differentiate between an apple and a pear?

What to wear and what not to wear according to your body type is one step ahead from the actual foundation stone. How do we decide what fruit do we actually apple or a pear?? Lets walk down the Indian lane to find your exact body type. A path walked by a handful with only crumbs of information on the Indian body type.

The answer has been searched by yet so many and actually found by yet so few. The steps are very simple to reach an effective conclusion. To know your actual body type you should first be wearing fitting undergarments, nothing too tight or loose because wrong measurements can lead to disastrous effects. Fooling the world by wearing wrong undergarments can end up with you making a fool out of yourself.  After stripping to your bare minimums measure your bust, waist and hips. Make sure that the tape is kept parallel to the floor and is neither too tight nor too loose. Ask for help from your friend if needed. Measure your bust at the fullest part keeping the tape straight against the back. Then move down to your waist and measure it at the narrowest part which is almost an inch above the belly button.  Measuring the hips at the fullest part will give you your hip size. Again remember to keep the tape straight across the hips.

The right measurements of your body means that the major part of your battle is won and all that is left to tackle is with the fruit (body type) category. What will help you define your body and personality has been listed down below:

The Apple – Apple is a body with average breasts, a slightly wider waistline and a flat bottom. The bust is generally an inch or 2 lesser than the waist and the bottom is about 2-3 inches more than your bust. They tend to have thinner arms and/or legs.

The Pear – The pear is also largely known as the ‘triangle’ or ‘spoon’ body, with narrow shoulders, average bust, a defined waist and large hips. The hips are four inches or more than the bust and the waist is minimum of 7-8 inches lesser than the bottom. They generally have wider legs.

The Strawberry– The strawberry or the inverted triangle is for females with narrow hips, varying bust line, broad shoulders and a straight waist. The shoulders or the bust line is generally the dominating part of the body and the bust is about 3-4 inches larger than the hips. And there is very little difference between the waist and the hips maybe about 1-2 inches. Such body types generally have slender legs and fuller arms.

The Banana– The banana is also known as the rectangle body type. The waist and the hips are almost equal in size with the waist being about an inch or two less than the bust or hips. Such body types generally have long legs and limbs in accordance to their hips/bust.

The Hourglass– Popularly known as the X figure it is a body type with curves to flaunt. Such body types have a similar bust and hips (Give or take 1 inch) and the if the difference between the waist and the bust/hips is approximately 9-10 inches then your figure is a perfect X and worth making the other girls turn green. Such body types have slender limbs.

The Round– Round figures generally have no defined waist, hips or bust. All the three of them are merged together.


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