A Riot of Colours

The world is a blank canvas and we are the painters..lets paint the sky green, water yellow and the land red..lets add a little cheer around the place we stay and fill it with colours in every possible way..

With the Indian summer burning down our backs and the loo kissing our cheeks, its time to pull out some colours and make this summer a fun retreat.  Summer always brings in a palette full of bright colours. It’s the trademark of the summer season. But knowing what are the right colours to be worn, is all that makes a difference. The Indian summer is very different from that of the west, from where fashion is inspired and also aspired. So the spring/summer colour palette decided by the fashion gurus sitting in the various fashion capitals may not always be in sync with the Indian skin tone or the Indian summer. Thus, it is very important to know the right tints and shades which are to be worn during the summer and not leave you looking like a neon signpost.

Metallic colours, specially silver and gold don’t work very well during the daytime as it is blinding to the onlooker. So try and stay away from bling during daytime. It also makes the onlooker feel sorry for you. If you are a bling addict then you can incorporate bling in your clothes during daytime, but do so inconspicuously. A little hint of bling around the neckline or the hem of a kurti or top is just about fine.

Pastels work wonders during this time. Since purple has been the reigning colour and has seeped down to being the hawt favorite across all sections of the society, plums and violets would help in bringing the summery cheer. Fill up your veins with chlorophyll as green is the new mantra. Green is a very refreshing and a soothing colour. Light green, olives, jade, jungle green, lime, lime green are the shades of greens which will perfectly suit the various Indian skin tone.

Another very popular colour is blue. Such a colour requires no introduction as the word itself makes you feel as if you have doused in cold water after battling with the scorching heat. The shades to go for are azure, baby blue, bondi blue, brandeis blue, Carolina blue, indigo, turquoise, aquamarine. There are many other shades you can venture into but these cover up the basic needful.

Pretty soft pinks and lemon yellows are one of my favourites during summers. Red is a colour with pinks and oranges in its family. But the softer tones in the red family is what needs to be worn during the summers. You can wear a rich red dress but save it for the night time. Usually primary colours dominate the summer scene but try keeping it at a controlled level. Loud colours are nothing but pure torture to the eyes. White is a pure classic and can be worn during the day or night.

India has a plethora of colors and each colour has a different story to tell. Thus, experiment and mix and match but try staying within the assigned colour zone. A yellow and a blue or a plum and a pink, Make your own colour palette and see the colours transport you to a place where the summer heat will be the last thing on your mind.

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