The kiss of rain

“The little puddles, the paper boats, the scent of rain and the raincoats make monsoons a cheerful affair. With a touch of style and a hint of fashion, it will be the most awaited season of the year.”

The monsoons have already set in. The murky skies, the thunderous grey clouds, the water logged streets all give you reason enough to withdrawn into your cocoons. For most of us monsoons is a season when our fashion selves withdraw into cupboards waiting for the winter chills to set in, before they emerge. But with the dull grey clouds comes dancing in the rain. With gloomy wet mornings comes steaming cup of coffee and the much awaited pakoras. Every season has its own pros and cons so why should fashion take a backseat just because of the rains.

Transform this dull grey season with cheerful prints. Bring in the sunshine with bright and bold colours. You have every reason to rejoice because of the rains. Yellow is a huge rage this season. A yellow tote, or a pair of yellow pumps, anything to bring in a little sunshine along with you is a huge hit. Bright and bold colours always work. Avoid pastels or dull colours. Solid colours work very well during the monsoon season. If you are confused as to what to wear a bright solid colour top works very well with a pair of shorts, capris or knee length skirts. As for prints, bloom into the monsoons with floral prints. Length matters a lot during this season. Maxis or anything long is a strict no no. You wouldn’t want to wipe the muck off the streets with your long skirts or dresses. Keep your bottoms short, knee length or upto the calf and the same goes for the hemline of your dresses. Anything below that would lead to disastrous results. Avoid wearing demins as they tend to get heavy if you ever get caught in a downpour.

Keep to breathable fabrics as the weather tends to get sticky. Try cotton blends fabrics as pure cotton gets wrinkled once they dry up after getting wet. Accessorize your dresses with bright big bags as it will also help you in carrying your umbrella. As for footwear  jelly shoes i.e. shoes made out of plastic or a pair of flip flops is the best. In case it doesn’t suit your outfit then carry a pair and change into it once you reach your venue. White is a big no this season as it tends to get translucent once it gets wet, leaving you in the middle of a very embarrassing situation. A bright pretty umbrella is your best friend during monsoons.

So stick to these small little things this season and you will be left with no reason to hide the fashionista in you.

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