The dos and don’ts of fashion: Monsoon Edition

‘Fashion faux pas is like the Murphy’s Law where everything that you thought would go right ends up going wrong”

The rumbling grey clouds, the sodden looking weather, the flash of lighting all just before you are about to step out of the house. Search sites provide you with endless information on ‘What’s hot and what’s not during the monsoon season’, but how many actually list down what to avoid during the season. Monsoon fashion mistakes are rampant everywhere you go. So here is a list of fashion bloopers for the monsoon season:


It is very important to pay special attention to the kind of fabric you wear. Thin fabrics tend to become translucent and stick to the body once it gets wet. Avoid nylon or any other synthetic fabric as it traps the body heat and humidity inside once wet. Porous fabrics like knitted cotton help your skin breathe. The best option for this season is cotton blends, poly nylon. Avoid crushable fabrics like pure cotton and polyester as they get wrinkled once dry after getting wet.


Demins though everybody’s best friend and a safe option during wardrobe crisis, is best avoided during this season. Denims tend to get heavy after getting wet thus it drops down from the waist little by little due to the weight. Plus it takes ages to dry. So in order to avoid shivering up to your bones, once you enter your air conditioned office in wet denims, it is best kept in your closet until the end of the season. If you are the kind of person whose dressing style is nothing without denims, then you better opt for high waisted denim shorts or capris, so that even if you get wet your denims do not slide down to embarrassing levels.


Even though you are dying to show off those leather boots or that leather bag to your friends, keep them inside the safety of your closet. Leather if exposed to the wrath of monsoon can end up singing the song of a wrecked soul. Leather if wet can get fungus growing all over it. So if you don’t want weird coloured organisms growing on your favourite piece of leather accessory, it is best kept inside nice and dry. If you are staying in a moisture ridden place then the best way of preventing your leather goods is by wrapping them and stuffing them with newspaper as paper absorbs all the moisture and keep your leather loves  safe and dry.

The colour white

I guess almost everybody knows this, that white is a strict no no during this season, due to some unfortunate white experience of your own. Well for those who are unaware of the evil side of the most classic colour-white, here’s an inside view. White can become translucent or as better said, almost transparent if it gets wet, which may reveal a lot of things you are unwilling to show. Plus even small specks of mud or dirt sprayed on your clothes while walking down a street, will be seen as clearly as glowing neon lights.


The colours to avoid during this season are all soft and pastel colours. The weather is alreadyso grey and you would not want to blend into the weather outside. Bring some sunshine and cheer into the day by wearing bold colours. Pastels are best avoided and in case it is inevitable then pair up a pastel with a bold colour. It will help in balancing the outfit.


Hemlines are best keep upto the calf level during this season. You do not want to wipe the muck off the streets with hemlines which reach your ankle or below. The best treatment with salwar suits is by opting for leggings instead of salwars.

So go dancing in the rain without fearing the repercussions of getting drenched.

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