The Campus Chic

“College is the time when you evolve from boring monotonous uniforms to stylish fashionistas”

Well we are back in college and there are loads of things to cope up with. New timetable, schedules, classes, seniors, all the summer gossip and the list is goes on. Yet with all this excitement and cheer you feel the nearing doom when you look into your wardrobe and find piles of clothes yet nothing suitable enough to wear to college.  Well here is a small lookbook, guidebook or whatever name you give it, to help you keep up with your college fashion quotient.

Colours– Jade, mustard and rust hues are the colours of the season. Try mixing and matching these colours in your outfit or accessorize yourself with these colours.

Plaids and Stripes – Plaids and stripes are in and they are one of the easiest prints to team something up with. You can team up a plaid/striped shirt with denims or shorts. On the other hand a plaid/striped skirt teamed with pretty blouses/ tops, stockings,belles or platform wedges and a jacket will make your day a lot brighter.

Shorts – They are the most comfortable thing to wear when it comes to college. It is available in a range of different fabrics to suit your style and the latest trend. It can be teamed with almost anything. Be it tees, tops, shirts. Skinny belts look amazing with tucked in tops and shorts. So the trick lies in teaming up and it is generally foolproof, promising no collateral damage whatsoever.

Trousers – Trousers of various lengths are making quite a statement these days. Wear it with a pretty blouse and a cropped biker jacket to complete the look.

Jewellery- Bohemian jewellery is back with a bang. With the whole world going back in time even the jewellery section has gone back to being boho.

Scarves– Scarves add interest to your outfit. It goes with mostly everything but do not go overboard with it also. Scarves have become a fashion accessory these days so remember to wrap it in style.

So style yourselves up, all the answers to your fashion dilemma lies in your wardrobe. Mix and match and you are ready to spend your college days the way it should be.

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