Courting the Coats

“I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.”

 – Marlene Dietrich

When it comes to winters you just cannot do without an awfully stylish jacket or coat. These pieces of comfort and protection have been a style statement for many and have moved fashion trends along the decades. A runway seems to be incomplete without it. Coats have been experimented on, for a long time. Be it the hemline, silhouette, colour or fabric, coats and jackets seem to a designers’ delight and his way of welcoming the grey and dull winters. Some coats remain a classic and some fade away with time,  but it always leaves us sitting on the edge, waiting for that element of surprise which will take the fashion industry by storm.

A classic timepiece, the aviator jacket with a high collar is a must have this season (if you don’t own it already). With knee high boots back in fashion, this piece of jacket will make you embrace your dare devil side and somebody not-to-be-messed-with look. Contrast sleeved coats have been doing huge rounds around the fashion circles. There is a sea of choices lying in front of us, the trick is to pick the one which will accentuate our figure the best and definitely give an uplift to our personality.

Cocoon and swing coats are perfect for the ladies trying to cheat a little when to comes to their not-so-hourglass figure. Swing coats are also an option want to romanticize with your feminity. Patterns, prints and bold colours is another equation which has to be solved. Remember ladies, everything put in together may lead to chaos so the mantra is to take what you need. Androgyny is in so all the women fighting in this male dominated world, this is your look. Androgyny are not as serious as they seem this season. With the dash of bold colour you can already feels the electricity running through the air when you put it on. Coats with a statement collar and a belt is another good reason to flaunt that sexy figure of yours. The whole vampire affair is back in town and so are the capes. Be stylish or be mysteriously sexy, its your call that awaits. Bright hues are in trend. So turn this winter into a celebration other than Christmas where everything is bright and happy. So what are you waiting for my ladies-stop reading and start digging.

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