Taking Fashion to the Streets

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

-Coco Chanel

It is not always necessary that you need to walk down a red carpet in order to show off your fashion sense. There are lots of fashion forwards out there who exude creativity and fashion brilliance outside the red carpet domain. Such jaw dropping fashion is termed street fashion and it is seen all around us. Innovation in fashion is often seen outside the pages of magazines, red carpet events and fashion shows. Street fashion is all about creativity. As continuously stated in my earlier posts, you need not own a wardrobe full of couturiers in order to make a fashion statement, mix and match is the magic spell involved.

Street fashion has been talked about, discussed and argued upon much too often. But ultimately it all boils down to one thing i.e. what do you think is sexy and suave.

Here is a glimpse into all things bright and beautiful which will help you make your inspiration board for your street style this summer.

Shorts– One of the safest bet for summers. This piece of apparel literally goes with everything and gives you an amazing reason to cool off your summers.

Trousers– Flared high or mid waist, trousers are another amazing piece to team up with your summer tops. Accessorize it with a slim belt, round shades, block heels and a wide rimmed hat and you are good to go. You even have the option of colour blocking your outfit or going with prints.

Lace it up– Lace is doing huge rounds this season. Be it cropped tops (which is back in vogue this SS) or pretty delicate dresses. You can lace up your wardrobe and look delicate and feminine this summer. Lace is an amazing piece to accessorize. Add a hint of bling to your ensemble by adding a neck piece and a slim belt to accentuate your waist. For lace tops a pretty colourful skirt or a pair of shorts would bring out the look you need. A nice flowing maxi printed skirt would also do wonders.

Summer Dress– The perfect dress for a perfect summer romance. Summer dresses have been in vogue since a long long time. You can team up your summer dresses with all kinds of accessories that you please.

Accessories– The catalyst in your wardrobe are your accessories. Even the drabbest of dresses can be made to look good with the right kind of accessories. A few must haves for the season to carry of your street fashion are a slim belt, a pair of round or cat-eyed shades, a few chunky neck pieces (mainly bib and lockets), a wide rimmed hat (the width of the rim can change according to the look you want to carry), bracelets (The number depending upon your look), a sling bag or a big clutch and pretty floral wedges. You can also add a light fabric blazer or a shirt to your ensemble to complete the look.

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