The Wider the Better!!

Wide legged trousers came back in 2011 but it gained momentum by S/S 2012. It has stuck to its ground ever since and seeped into the fashion runway of Fall 2012 also. Doing huge rounds among the celebrities and  otherwise, wide legged trousers are the call of the moment. They not only make your legs look long, they also suit every kind of body type. After the world going crazy over super skinny denims and cigarette pants its time for a breather with the wide legged pants which are airy and flowy. These trousers can be worn at your workplace or on a casual day out, if paired correctly.

You can pair it up with a nice chiffon top and a pussycat bow or ruffles in the front for a day out in the city. Add a blazer to it and you are ready to go to work. If you want to go down the retro lane, then pair it up with a knotted shirt. Crop tops which was everywhere on the S/S 2012 runway can also be paired with these fabulous trousers. Add a pair of wedges or a nice pair of block heels and you are ready to show off your fashion side to the world outside. So till then stay aware and stay stylish.

Much Love



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