A shirt that never went out of style

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

– Rachel Zoe

The shirt that never went out of style – Chambray Shirt. Let me share a few lesser known facts about the chambray shirt. Firstly it derives its name from the fabric and it is NOT a denim shirt. It is a lighter fabric than denim and has been in use since 1901 by the US navy till World War 2. After that it slowly seeped into mainstream fashion and soon became widely popular.

I am in love with the chambray shirt. It is casual, easy and can change your look from classy and chic to casual and laid back. Generally a chambray shirt looks good with almost everything so the risk factor is just a small speck. It is a must have for one’s wardrobe.

I am sharing a few pictures on how to style a chambray shirt. I hope it helps you guys create new and interesting looks for yourself. For those who still don’t own a chambray shirt, please buy yourself one. It is a beautiful piece of clothing and you can go wild creating different looks with the same shirt.

Enjoy the post and till then ‘Stay Aware and Stay Stylish’

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Much Love















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