You make me smile

A warm sunny afternoon before the onset of monsoons is something which no one can miss. Its a beautiful weather in Bangalore right now. A weather when you don’t feel like working at all..a weather when all anyone can think of is a nice long drive with your favourite music playing in the background. A weather which makes you smile on the long forgotten memories of  friends who are now living their own separate lives.This look is dedicated to friends and forgotten memories.

I have created a casual day look with a pair of coral pants (which I have been wanting since this colour started trending) with a really cool cheeta print t shirt which I just could not resist. The bowler hat is something I have been dying to shoot with and grabbed the first chance I got. As for the shoes, I think the brogues are one of the cutest pair of shoes that I own. A carelessly tucked in tee with casually rolled up pants add a nice and easy charm to the whole look.

Do tell me what you think about the look. Till then ‘Stay Aware and Stay Stylish’.

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Much Love











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