Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

A small boy with a towel tied around his neck dreaming of becoming a superhero to a little girl in her tutu dreaming of becoming a princess. Dreams are who we are and the person we grow into. Dreams define us, they are the reason of our being. From a simple step of realising our dreams to working towards it involves a lot of small commitments and sacrifices. Dressing well is a very important part of working your way towards fulfilling your dreams. You would not dress shabbily at the interview of your dream job nor would you go sloppily dressed to meet the guy you having been dreaming of  for weeks. Dressing or should I say presenting one’s self properly is a very important part towards fulfilling your dreams. Dress however you want and go win the world, said no one.  So go on ladies realise your dreams and fulfil them, just remember to be dressed impeccably when your dreams come true.

Since the weather is grey and dull, I decided to wear an orange skirt to bring in some colour along with a floral button down shirt. The accessories keep the mood light and complete the whole look. Do tell me what do think about the whole look and till then ‘Stay Aware and Stay Stylish.’

Much Love


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