When you said your last goodbye..I died a little bit inside

“Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it.”

Goodbyes are supposed to be the hardest thing to say or to face sometimes. Whether its your friend, cousins, sweetheart, sibling, pet. Whoever it is, you always let them carry a little bit of you. A little bit of memories, a little bit of the time spent together. Its not always a person, it can be your old house, your college, your town. Goodbye is the most difficult thing to say to whoever or whatever has a bit of you in them. You say your goodbye and you move on but a little bit of you gets buried in the sands of time spent together.

Hope you like the post. Till then ‘Stay Aware and Stay Stylish’

Much Love


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Bodycon Dress – ebay.com

Shoes – Thrift, Delhi

Plaid Shirt – A friend’s goodbye present 🙂

Accessories – No Strings Attached


IMG_9096a IMG_9115-001a IMG_9104a IMG_9102a



IMG_9150a (2)


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