Our love was made for movie screens

“Style: because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.”

It crazy hot out there (though I am glad that I live in Bangalore) and every time you step out of the house you get roasted alive. I know the feeling. Being born and bought up in North India I know what extreme weather can do to you and your mood. You don’t feel like going anywhere when the sun is up, nor do you feel like dressing up. But there is always a way to beat the heat. At such times crop top is a blessing and so are light weight breathable fabrics. As for your hair, the best way to manage those beautiful locks is to tie them up in a bun. The best part with buns is that you can vary your look from messy to neat just by treating and tying the bun a little different. Its smart, its chic and it is a damn comfortable way to beat the heat.

So dress up, dress light and though it will still be crazy hot outside you can brave the weather a little and go visit your favorite place in the city and bring back that smile on your face.

Much Love


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Crop Top | Baroque print skirt – ebay.com

Shoes – Pieces, Vero Moda

Bag – Forever New

Neckpiece – Thrift, Delhi

IMG_4528a IMG_4545a IMG_4546a IMG_4551a IMG_4553a IMG_4556a IMG_4557a IMG_4559a IMG_4567a IMG_4573a


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