We’re bigger than we ever dreamed

“If your dreams  don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”

Never be scared to dream, but more important than that – never be scared to dream BIG. At this point of time your dreams might seem too big for your reach but if that is what makes you lose faith in your dreams, you are committing a big mistake.  Dreams hold faith in them, they hold hope and most important of all they hold a part of you in them. Its reflects your aspirations and what you expect of yourself. So when the time comes don’t stop from exceeding your own expectations, coz you are bigger than you ever dreamed.

As for my look, I have taken a swing at the print on print trend. Its a fun trend to experiment with and the mixing and matching part tickles your creative instincts. So if you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and create something fun from your wardrobe.

Much Love


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Shirt | Shoes – Thrift, Delhi

Bottoms – Deal Jeans

Neckpiece – ebay.com

IMG_9464a1 IMG_9398a IMG_9371a IMG_9369a IMG_9365a



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