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This post it to all my subscribers. I have shifted my blog to . Please subscribe to my site at the bottom of the page to keep receiving notifications for all that is new on the site.  Excited for a lot of new stuff that has been planned. 🙂

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High on Military Style

I’m still high on military style. I can’t get over the appeal and sexiness that the whole look commands. I recently came across this amazing shoot on the military trend that made me just stop and stare. So for all those people out there who simply can’t resist the military look just hop on the band wagon and enjoy the ride.

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Call from the Dramatic Elizabethan Era

Vogue Russia brought back the Elizabethan era of sophistication in this editorial shoot. The accentuated neck ruffles, the dramatic use of the farthingale (hoop skirt), the layers of fabric, all exuded the Elizabethan era look but with a dramatic effect. The impeccable styling, the art nouveau inspired backdrop, the use of different crowns and hats which helps you differentiate between the royalty and the commoner leaves you totally awed and inspired. So scroll down and feast your eyes on some amazing pieces of ‘art’ which will make you travel back to the royal court of England.