Don’t wake me up

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. “

– Coco Chanel

Have you ever dreamed of something that you did not want to wake up from? Have you ever spent your time day dreaming and built castles in the sky? This post is for all the dreams we have ever had. Few of our dreams came true and few are yet to be fulfilled. This post is just a nudge to tell you that never stop dreaming and never be scared of fulfilling your dreams no matter how insane they might sound right now.

Dreams are the most powerful tool we have for ourselves. It not only helps you decide who will you be in the future but who you truly are and the power you have within you to make them come true.

Dress – Pink Candy Closet, Mumbai

Flower crown – DIY

Shoes – Thrifted, Delhi

Watch – Fossil

Much Love


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A/W lookbook (Part-1)

The only way to put fashion runway report in use is to know the correct way to apply them. As I have always said mix n match is the mantra to all your fashion worries. Knowing the current fashion trends is only useful if you where to apply it. Many times most of us just aspire for all those beautiful dreams which walk on the runway. Thinking of buying one of those dreams always ends up in a sigh. But even if you have the power to buy such dreams or not, you can always go for looking for cheaper options. There is always a way out, there has to be one.

The first A/W look created by me is very close in lines with the A/W trends. Lets add a dash of colour to the bleak winter with a red trench coat. The colour red was showcased by designers like Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders and many others. A knit dress and mid calf boots add the flavour to it. The polka dots bag is just adorable. A little bit of tweaking this style to accommodate with your wardrobe will also create wonders. Just stick to the colour story.

The second look created by me is more to do with the A/W trends lace and baroque. Wide legged pants are doing huge rounds this season. So put on a baroque print pants or a print close by it, throw in a lace top and a cardigan. A little bit of jewellery always helps.

So try on the looks and see how it adds a little more of sunshine to a bleak winter morning. So till then – Stay Aware and Stay Stylish.

Much Love