White is the new ‘Black’

See the world with the eyes of white and you will see it filled with colours

Be it the West or the East. White is the colour on the block. Intoxicate yourself with the designs of Jean Paul Gautier, Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Versace. Not to leave behind Indian designers like Ashish N Soni, Alpana and Neeraj, Vineet Bahl, Anand Kabra who displayed some of the most interesting designs in white. White is the new language for designers of both couture and ready-to-wear. It has been ruling the most prestigious fashion magazine covers around the world. White is the new Black.

White dominated the red carpet scene during Cannes, 2011. With celebrities showcasing stunning garments in white, day and night, it has only left the fashion industry asking for more.  You can transform yourself into a morning delight or an evening damsel with the colour white. Flaunt the colour white in the summer heat or cool it off in the evenings. You can pair up a white top with a colourful high waist skirt or team up a white lower with bright summery tops.

White dresses with a bow tie belt is the perfect attire for brunches while a white dress with a dash of bling will morph you into an evening damsel.  White dresses or tops with white lace trimming are hot property this summer. So hunt for those pretty white dresses which are lying forgotten at the corner of your cupboard, add pretty white laces to the hems and you are ready to tackle the summer heat. You can accessorize a white with printed or colourful shoes, bags and jewellery. It creates an interest and also imposes a bright cheerful look. Colourful eyeliners and lipsticks complement a white beautifully, but remember to balance your makeup and keep it under control.

So this season start with a blank sheet of white and see how it turns your summer into a colourful affair.

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